Why Choose the Article Spinner

Article Spinner can create hundreds of quality, readable, and unique articles that will serve up great for the search engines and draw your visitors’ attention. You will never have to worry about getting penalized for duplicate content or having unreadable content in front of your visitors!

What is spinning?

Spinning is something that you do (or usually you get software to do) to an article to create multiple versions that are seen as unique in the search engines. This search optimization method can range from totally black hat (in the case where you are generating random junk) to white hat (in the case where every article you generate is truly unique and valuable).

Best Article Builder & Content Spinning Tools

What is article spinner?

An article spinner is a software program that uses a thesaurus or algorithm to generate a relatively unique article from an existing article. These programs are often careful to avoid replacing words that severely change the meaning of the article, in order to make the article readable. A poorly designed article spinner might produce nearly illegible articles, but even a good one is unlikely to come close to produce articles that read well and accurately reproduce all facts from the original article. These programs are frequently used to generate new content for search engine-optimized websites. The practice of spinning content that is not owned by the user of the spinner is highly controversial because spun articles are never 100% unique.

Every article spinner is different but they all work in essentially the same way. They take a take word and attempt to replace it with a synonym, or at least a similar word. For example, dog might be replaced with canine, and coffee cup might be replaced with coffee mug. Not all words can be replaced because the article will most likely end up so altered that the original statement is lost. Instead, an article spinner might aim for 30% to 60% uniqueness — whatever amount is believed to fool the search engine the article is intended.

Article spinner programs are available in both free and paid versions. Normally, the average free spinner does not have quality compare with a paid program. In many cases, however, the quality of the new article does not matter because it is only meant to help a website rank higher on search engines. The readability of the articles takes a backseat to this priority.

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While the term article spinner traditionally refers to a program, more people are turning to freelance writers to spin their articles. In fact, some writers do not write unique content; their writing is entirely spun from existing articles. Articles spun by an actual person are typically easier to read and have a better overall flow. Due to how widespread and easy article spinning is, some companies that outsource article writing have difficulty hiring freelance writers that do more than spin.

The legality of article spinning is dubious at best when the copyright of the original article is not owned. It is generally not considered possible to spin a 100% unique article out of someone else’s copyrighted content. The new article might still have similar sentences and the same overall flow. Spun articles might also fail plagiarism checkers, which is enough to prove copyright infringement in some jurisdictions.

Using an Article Spinner: Step-by-step You should probably perform the article spin in 3 steps.

1. Pick and Spin Content

First, you’ll need to pick and spin the content. Remember that spinning won’t make mediocre content better! At best, spinning content will retain its value, not raise it. However the original article reads, that level and quality is the ceiling which your content cannot go above without extensive editing.

2. Edit Content

Article spinners use imperfect algorithms, so obviously, ther can’t compare to a human English speaker’s editing. You should read over the spun article or hire an editor to make it sound more natural and fit. A spun article sounds like, well, a spun article. With a good editor or rewriter, however, you can spin an article and make it read and sound like an original piece.

3. Check Content Spinner for Plagiarism

Spinning articles isn’t illegal, but posting copied content definitely is! While there isn’t a one-to-one correlation between posting copied content and spinning an article, there is a much higher chance of plagiarism for a spun article than there is for an original piece. Definitely run a spun article with the help of a plagiarism checker after you’ve edited it, to make sure that it passes and doesn’t raise any red flags.


Definitely go play around with an article rewriter! They’re super cool rewrite tools of 2020, and for certain content generation projects they might be ideal as a starting point. Most of the time, you should think about an article spinner as a way of generating content for yourself to edit, instead of writing from scratch. You won’t find a website that will pump out polished pieces that you can immediately turnaround and send to clients or readers. If an essay is like a statue, then starting from scratch is like starting with a complete block of stone. It takes longer to get to a finished product, but you’ve got more freedom and there’s a higher ceiling on the originality and value of the content. A word spinner is like taking a malformed statue and trying to make it beautiful. With an article rewriter, it will be a quicker process, but the end result will probably be less beautiful and original than if you started from scratch

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