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Kontent Machine Review

In this Kontent Machine review, I will tell you what this software gives and how Kontent Machine compares to the other, Kontent Machine is a software tool for Search Engine Optimization experts that will scrape for articles on the internet, spin the articles,

9.3 Total Score
Kontent machine Review Scroce

Kontent Machine is a software tool for Search Engine Optimization experts that will scrape for articles on the internet, spin the articles,


9.3Expert Score
Easy to Use
8.7User's score
  • Affordable
  • Integration with many third-party tools
  • Easy to use interface
  • Great for link building
  • Blueprints feature
  • Adds relevant images and videos
  • 30 day money back gurantee
  • They don’t have any inbuilt proxy harvester
  • Articles generated are not exactly material for your money-making sites.
  • It comes with its own integrated spinning tool, but it doesn’t perform well.
  • No trial option.
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Kontent Machine Introduction

Kontent Machine is a software tool for Search Engine Optimization experts that will scrape for articles on the internet, spin the articles, then bunch the articles in such a way to make it unique to the search engines. Kontent Machine is a software application that aims to allow you to generate unique and relevant content. This content can then be used as part of your link building strategy to help improve the rank of your website in search engines. The fact that Kontent Machine integrates with some of the most popular link building tools available, has made it a popular choice amongst internet marketers and those building backlinks as part of the SEO services they offer.


Key Features of Kontent Machine

All of this…

  • Powerful Article Builder – Create super-spun articles out of any seed keyword (even ‘granny panties’)
  • All Types of Backlinks – Build every type of hyperlink that you need for your SEO campaigns.
  • Cloud Campaigns – Create and upload your campaigns to the cloud. You can then pull them in whatever tool you want to.
  • Quick Campaigns – Create thousands of articles with just a few clicks.
  • Kick-Ass Autoblogger- Push and schedule content for your blog networks with a couple of clicks.
  • Locally Saved Files – Build super-spun articles out of your locally saved text files.
  • Embed Videos – Find and embed relevant videos 100% automatically.
  • Relevant Images – Automatically find and insert hundreds of relevant images.
  • Bonus Tools -Use the additional 7 tools to power-up your SEO.
  • Blueprints – Save and re-use your favorite settings as blueprints.
  • Free Spinner -Save money with the free built-in content spinner.
  • Content for All Tiers -Use the built-in settings for controlling the content quality.

The other tools of Kontent Machine 3 include:

  • Bookmark creation
  • Article scraper for downloading articles by topic
  • About Me spinner for creating multiple unique author boxes
  • Bulk spinner for spinning articles on your hard drive and inserting media
  • Publish files to websites including WordPress sites and other sites in your network

As you can see, version 3 of Kontent Machine is an easy to use tool. While content generation is the main attraction, being able to spin the content you already have, or just insert links, images and videos into it, before publishing it online via this software; is a really valuable feature to have access to.


Kontent Machine Review – What is Kontent Machine Do ?

Kontent Machine allows you to easily generate content for use in your link building campaigns.  Once generated, this content can be published on websites, including Web 2.0 properties, or your private blog network, with each article containing links back to your website.

However, if you are using any of the link building tools that can automate the process of publishing content in order to create backlinks for your websites, Kontent Machine allows you to make those tools even more effective and convenient to use. By supplying you with an unlimited stream of content, you need never write, or pay for, SEO articles again.

The way Kontent Machine manages to create this seemingly unique content is by scraping articles that have been published online. This content is then spun, or rewritten, to make it appear like a new article. Taking things one step further, Kontent Machine, then combines these newly created articles in order to make them as unique as possible, or at least appear that way to the search engines.

Kontent Machine is also able to automatically add images and videos to the content it generates, to make it appear of an even higher quality and more unique.  Furthermore, the software is also able to handle the insertion of the links to your site, preventing you from even having to do this task.

If this all sounds too good to be true, read on to find out how easy the software is to use, and what the quality of the generated content is like.

As the software can spin the content it scrapes to make it unique, Kontent Machine integrates with a number of spinning tools including:

How Does this Work?

The idea behind the software is once you enter your keywords, it will go to the web and scrape articles from multiple sources, then mesh those articles together, then spin them with your favorite spinner, and product an article you can use for your backlinking campaign…

And as I said before, the articles will not be magazine ready or a work of perfection -however they’re good enough. You’re looking for more uniqueness over perfection.

After you fire up the software, you’ll see some icons for New , Saved, Blueprints, Quick, and Tools

What Makes Kontent Machine Different?

Finest 3 Ways For Creating Content

  • Servicing Software Tool: The content can be obtained by using some of the software tools like Kontent Machine 3. It is the best way of generating content.
  • Freelancer: In this site, you can able to buy any content. Many other sites are also there to offer this kind of freelancer.
  • Hiring a Person: Hire a person to generate your blog.

Most of us try to generate content by yourself. Where we stop to produce it because we may lack in generating the content in a simple way, so use the following steps to overcome your thoughts.

Tools provided by Kontent Machine

  • To make the indentation bloggers to be in the top place with the best quality and low price.
  • I myself propose this tool for niche users to achieve the best profit-making for indent bloggers. This will place your blog at the top of the website.
  • The SEO high-level advisers can get an individual article, We can produce their article by this tool at the lowest price.
  • Finally, What I am coming to say is use this software to create a content I am sure that it will give you a 100% an individual content.

Characteristic of Kontent Machine

    • The content will be quality so that it generates traffic to our site until lifetime at the cheapest cost.
    • We could generate thousands of articles within some minutes.
    • It is a strengthen article out of speed keyword to build builder-providers.
    • We could rescue money with built in spinner tools which are inbuilt in this software.
    • Very competent and essential to use.
    • We could immediately find and inject thousands of images on the site.
    • Additional 7 tools for the relief of SEO till lifespan.
    • It could spin articles on temporarily saved files and review.
    • We could find 100% related videos.
    • Connect our campaign to the performance cloud.
    • We could rescue our favorites and use as bookmarks and blueprints.
    • Assist us to generate all type of hyperlink that uses for SEO campaigns.


Kontent Machine Review by Users

In reality we incredibly take an interest in Kontent Machine, these individuals are usually exceedingly practical plus for $37 per month people will only acquire Kontent Machine!
Genuinely there a lot of great Kontent Machine testimonials on the web and users are undoubtedly still not glad.
Honestly, It is actually what me & ours partner was certainly trying to find. 5 / 5 review.

Kontent Machine  Review – Pro’s and Cons

Here I will share the advantages and disadvantages of using kontent-machine for you creating your website content.


  • Tool is really very fast
  • Best to generate articles for tier link building
  • Affordable price.
  • Great integration with many third-party tools.
  • Easy to use interface and many available options.
  • Great for link building strategies with lots of settings.
  • Useful blueprints option.
  • Adds relevant images and videos to content.
  • It is easy to create campaigns and generated articles with various available options.
  • Money-back guarantee (30 days).


  • They don’t have any inbuilt proxy harvester
  • Articles generated are not exactly material for your money-making sites.
  • It comes with its own integrated spinning tool, but it doesn’t perform well.
  • No trial option.


Kontent Machine Pricing

Kontent Machine 3 is available with a one-time lifetime fee or a monthly subscription package:

If you plan on using this software for more than six months then the lifetime option is the better value choice.

  • Lifetime Payment – The price of the software for the lifetime is $357 only…There are special offers and discount provided for the readers.
  • Monthly Payment -Actual cost is $37 but for the readers, they provide $29.
  • Price will increase for every 24 hours. now you will see $217. If you skip now, then $257 for next 24 hours.. and finally $297 for the lifetime.
  • They provide 40% discount specially for the readers. Don’t miss this offer this may lowers tomorrow. so grab the offers as soon as possible.
  • 100% money back guarantee for 30 days!!!!!!

Kontent Machine Discount Coupon for 40% OFF – Save $210

How to Grab Kontent Machine Discount Coupon & Promo Code??

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  • Step 2: When you enter your e-mail id then click save up to $140 then a screen appears like this
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  • Step 4 : Happy Saving!!



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While the content generated won’t be suitable for your primary websites, it has the potential to be used on your secondary web properties, which are then used to link to your income generating websites. However, as with all manual link building, you do run the risk of being penalised by search engines for trying to artificially inflate the rank of your website should your activities be discovered.

To get the most of this software, you will have to combine it with one of the link building tools mentioned earlier. However, by doing so you can quickly and effortlessly build countless contextual links to help your sites rank better, increase the number of visitors, and earn more money.


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